Contact Lenses 

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Contact Lenses

Our doctors love fitting contact lenses! Many practices are not enthusiastic about having to spend additional time in the exam room to do a more involved contact lens fitting. This is because many offices will often end up scheduling two, three or sometimes even four patients in an hour. At Deluxe Eye Exams (at Market Optical), we show our enthusiasm for great vision by devoting the extra time necessary for you to have a tailored contact lens fit. We are determined to match the best contact lens fitting option to your unique vision goals.
Deluxe(Advanced) and New Contact Lens Fit, $175
This is the ultimate contact lens fitting experience. An additional exam slot is reserved just for you. This fit includes unlimited contact lens follow up visits in order to get a top-notch result. There are so many refreshing contact lens fitting options waiting for you to try. Maybe you’ve been told you have too much astigmatism for contacts? Maybe you’ve heard you’ll no longer be able to read things near your face with contacts? Whatever the reason for not trying or giving up on contacts, we think you’ll be amazed at what hurdles can be overcome with new and exciting contact lens technologies. These technologies include multifocal contact lenses, monovision, modified monovision, high astigmatism lenses, transitions, dailies and more. Talk with our doctors to learn more about what contact lens choice is most correct for you.  

Standard Contact Lens Fit,  $100
The standard contact lens fit will update a patient’s previous contact lenses into a better and more up to date prescription. Often, patients will receive trial contact lenses and/or contact lens cleaning solution to go home with. If your exact contact lenses are not in the office at the time of your visit, we can order trial lenses for you. This fit may also include a follow up visit (when necessary) to ensure better accuracy. This option does not include multifocal, monovision, modified monovision, or high astigmatism (>-2.25) contact lens fits. 

Basic Contact Lens Fit,  $80
The basic contact lens fit renews a previous contact lens prescription which required minimum to no changes. A patient will leave with a finalized contact lens rx (good for one year) and contact lens cleaning solution when applicable. 

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