Medical Insurance Plans

Did you know that many medical insurance plans have benefits that can be used for eye exams? While regular eye exams without any additional findings rarely qualify, many findings can be covered medically. This includes findings such as dry or itchy eyes, droopy eyelids, cataracts and more. When you schedule an exam, we take down your medical insurance information.  Once the appointment is completed, your optometrist will go over with you whether or not the exam qualifies medically. If your visit does qualify and we receive your approval, we will bill the exam medically, which can lead to cost savings.

Vision Insurance Plans

Vision insurance plans consider Deluxe Eye Exams (at Market Optical) to be an out-of-network provider. However, there is an option to submit your receipt as an out-of-network benefit claim to your vision insurance (if VSP).  We are here to help you understand this process so you can do it quickly and easily. This can help you receive a reimbursement for your payment according to the terms of your plan.  
Do you take VSP Insurance? 
Although we are not in-network with VSP, applying for a reimbursement on your eye exam is a simple process! You have two options:

Online: Navigate to and log in to your account. Find the “Submit a Claim” form, where you will be able to upload the itemized receipts required by VSP to process your benefit claim. Deluxe Eye Exams will provide you with digital receipt at the time of purchase, upon request.

Postal Service: If you prefer, you can print and send a completed claim form with our receipt in a standard stamped envelope addressed to the location below. We are happy to help you complete this form and send it in for you. Just let us know prior to your exam that you will be submitting an out-of-network benefit claim, and our team will help prepare things so that we can submit your claim with ease.

Vision Insurance Plan
Attn: Claims Department
P. O. Box 385018
Birmingham, AL 35238-5018

After submitting your claim, allow 3-4 weeks for reimbursement. Bear in mind that using the postal system to submit your claim may cause a slight delay to your reimbursement.

What are out-of-network benefits?
Prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and eye exams are frequently approved for reimbursement. See your individual plan for details specific to your insurance.

When should I submit my receipt to be eligible for reimbursement?
Please check with your provider directly as each plan is different. Most frequently, your receipt must be submitted to your vision insurance within 12 months from the date of service. 


Other Insurance Plans FAQs

Are FSAs and HSAs eligible?
Yes! FSAs and HSAs can be used for eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. Either of these accounts can be used.

How can I use my FSA or HSA funds for exams and/or glasses at Deluxe Eye Exams?
You can use your FSA or HAS card to purchase with us. We will provide an itemized receipt so you have that information on record as well.
No FSA/HSA card? You can use a credit card and get reimbursed through your provider. Most providers will require the submission of a reimbursement form and a receipt. We will provide an itemized receipt at the time of service. 

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